Olive Economy � the color of the economy when people of color and the green economy meet.

Van Jones

Van Jones (White House Special Jobs Advisor) and Champ Walker

GEDI Green Economy Diversity Initiative is the nation�s leading olive branch organization that serves as one of the �Green� bridges to the New Green Economy. As President Obama re-powers America, GEDI's voice will be heard as we advocate for eco-justice and economic inclusion (Silver Rights) on behalf of �Green� Minority Businesses.

GEDI is an initiative of Van Jones� (President Obama�s Green Job advisor) Green For All (GFA) � Business and Capital Access Program (B-CAP). GEDI serves as the diversity and direct services arm that promotes Green Minority Business participation in the Green Economy. GEDI promotes an Olive Economy where we move from Rhetoric to Reality, no longer suffering from the �illusion of inclusion:� by actually monitoring �Green� stimulus spending, providing public oversight, and access to capital, GEDI ensures that underserved communities, especially minority businesses, will not be invisible causing a Green Divide.

GEDI's focuses on the �Silver Rights� imperative that Dr. Martin Luther King preached before his passing. In times past, we've seen great chasms in our society whereby the poor, and people of color, where disenfranchised and oft times subject to severe health hazards. Much of the health risks stemmed from toxic waste, rather from dumping grounds or urban landfills. Today we have minority organic farmers that own new green technology, available farm land for solar, wind ad biomass energy, access to intellectual capital, and innovative private/government partnerships that can produce sustainable alternative energy solutions for the communities they serve. In order for all boats to rise, we must change the dialogue to include Green Minority businesses GMB, as well as, prepare our youth and current workforce with the training to become skilled �Green Collar� Workers.

GEDI co-authors white papers and policy papers, lobbies Congress, the investment community, and major philanthropic foundations. While both organizations have similar goals, GEDI�s focus is ensuring that minority businesses, not just workers, are included in the Olive Economy.

GEDI has brought to the attention of Congress, major Green organizations and private industry, the critical role that minority-owned businesses play in ensuring that people of color are hired as Green Collar Workers. If prosperity is to be shared in the underserved and minority communities, GMBs are best equipped due to the fact that they hire people within their communities. Together, we can provide Olive procurement solutions for Green (sustainable) minority businesses, enabling them to compete in a world where diversity is threatened.

We are not asking for a hand out, we are asking for a hand up, as we provide business development for our business sponsors/partners. With millions of grassroots activists, and millions of potential green job seekers, and thousands of minority businesses in our olive supplier database, we can provide access to �Green� information, increased awareness and referrals to GMBs nation-wide. We would like to partner with your company to join our team and show America that you are committed to ensuring that we have an Olive Economy. By joining GEDI, your company will be able to achieve true triple bottom line profits (people, planet and profit).

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